Policy Development and Capacity Building Department

The Department of Policy Development and Capacity Building executes the core function of overseeing the development and management of programs to facilitate the role of Office of the President which is the parent Ministry for Policy Analysts in Government.The Department is headed by a Commissioner.

The Department is responsible for:

  • Commissioning periodic Government policy research, studies and review
  • Establishing and managing a forum of policy practitioners in Government Institutions;
  • Building capacity of Policy Analysts in terms of skills, leadership and values
  •  Developing and disseminating standards, procedures and guidelines for better Public Policy Management.
  • Supportingand coordinating the preparations of Cabinet submissions by Ministries,Departments and Agencies.
  • Institutionalizing the Regulatory Best Practices (RBP) into the law and Policy Making Process in the Public Service.

Role of the Cabinet

Article 113 (3) generally spells out responsibility of a Cabinet Minister while Article 114 (4) does the same for other Ministers, in our case the Ministers of State. Read More »